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Tuesday, 25-June-2019



36 weeks ago
“No organisation can exist without creating both better work and better life for its ecosystem” – With these words on their mind and the vision to stand by it, Careworks Foundation (CWF) is striving to always put the best foot forward for the society. Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. And education and health are the best ways of bringing that difference. Through its focus on these two pillars of growth, CWF aims to build a healthy and educated workforce and thereby provide a sustainable livelihood for the marginalised sections of the society. 43 governme...

Over 26k workers trained under ‘Women in Factories’ programme

70 weeks ago
  The training programme in India, which was launched by Swasti with funding from the Walmart Foundation. Over 26,000 workers have been trained in 34 factories across four states and one union territory since the launch of the Women in Factories (WiF) programme in 2011 in India, Walmart Foundation and Swasti Health Catalyst jointly said on Friday 19th Jan. According to the philanthropic arm of Wal-Mart Stores Inc, around 21,885 women and 4,137 men have been trained in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Punjab, and the union territory of Daman. “...


72 weeks ago
Back then, Shabnam did not know that the visit by the three women would change the lives of her daughters. They were teachers of Rasta, a newly-opened girls' school in the neighbourhood. They had only one request: "Please send your daughters to our school."  It is a request that has since brought hundreds of young Muslim girls into the fold of education. In this "disease and crime-infested village" on the edge of Delh...


105 weeks ago
this Goan village is beating open defecation with eco-friendly toilets that turn waste into manure. Motivated by their children, locals NGOs and architect Tallulah D’Silva, residents of Carambolim village are equipping their homes with eco-loos. Imagine using a public toilet along with five thousand villagers or worse, being forced to defecate in the open. This is the reality of Carambolim, a village in the state of Goa, around five kilometres from Old Goa’s World Heritage Site. Carambolim is no ordinary village. It is also home to the famous Carambolim or Karmali Lake which is now listed as an Importan...

A Life Transformed

110 weeks ago
Thirty-two-year old Saira Bano has always lived on the landfill in Bhalaswa in North Delhi, the place where most of Delhi’s trash is dumped every day. Saira was just six months old when she came to Delhi along with her parents, two brothers, and two sisters, from Kolkata in West Bengal. Saira never got to go to school. She spent her time picking trash on the landfill, with her parents and siblings. They would spend the day separating paper, plastics and a hoard of other recyclable materials from soggy discarded food. They would gather and separate used sanitary napkins and diapers, rusted blades, needles and syringes – stuff thrown indiscriminately into the city’s mix...


113 weeks ago
When Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak visited Sewadham Ashram on April 4, 2017, he was visibly moved and what he saw there shook his heart and soul. He saw an amazing world there, the world of dedicated service to humanity. Sudhir Bhai Goyal, the Founder and Director of the Sewadham Ashram, has been serving hapless people with great love, devotion and compassion for the past 28 years. Dr. Pathak felt that humanity could not be served better than this. Life: The Tutor Sewadham...


113 weeks ago
The extraordinary resolve that 64-year-old Jaya Batra could make in her retired life has stunned most people who know her or come across her. Batra says that the remaining years of her life are going to be dedicated to the boys and girls living in slums who have probably been deprived of basic amenities of life by our society. She not only teaches the children in a park near her residence but is also anxious that these children should not end up with any inferiority complex amid severe lack of resources that they face. To overcome this she tries to fill the gap with the financial assistance coming from some friends and acquainta...


119 weeks ago
We take a path to reach a planned destination but sometimes we reach somewhere else. Sometimes the destination we reach by deviation is better, satisfactory and more fulfilling than we had decided for ourselves. Aarti Arun Ganacharya’s story somehow suits the above line.  She was a journalist working with a newspaper. To do her stories, everyday she had to meet many people belonging to all sections of society. She came across many families while dong her work. She came to know their problems on the ground level. She found whatever the family goes through the woman suffers the most. “Every family had their own prob...


122 weeks ago
If we can’t fulfil our children’s need, we must ensure his or her happiness, so that the need is not larger to them. Moslema Bibi of Malancha in South 24 Parganas of West Bengal believed this was the only way for her during troubled days when her child was suffering from deafness. She struggled with her fate to find out her own path to dignified life. The hamlet Malancha is nearly 60 kms from Kolkata. As like other little-educated girls of interior Bengal, she was also married off at a young age and soon became mother. Within few years, she gave birth to her second son. After four years of raising the second child, she discovered that the child is deaf. Helpless mother star...


122 weeks ago
I was standing in a prayer meeting with 60 children around me. Their eyes are glowing in the limited but bright light of diya. All of them are singing the aarti.  I am sharing time and space with the biggest family in the Noida. This family has 400 members. It’s a family with single parent, mother Anjina Rajagopal. This is not a traditional family with parents and their wards. This family includes all those kids who are orphan, deprived, and had no name and address. All of them call Anjina, mummy. Anjina is not only their mother but their father too as she takes care of all the kids and their needs too. Rajat the first boy This family started 26 years back. Anjina was...