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Thursday, 21-March-2019

A Digital Village

New Delhi| The Delhi government on Tuesday declared Surakhpur village in south-west Delhi as the capital's first "fully digital payment enabled village".


An official statement said Sub-Divisional Magistrate Anjali Sehrawat had made the formal announcement.

To achieve the feat, the government took a series of steps including sensitising people about the benefits of moving towards less-cash society, training in cashless means of transaction and reaching out to women "who were largely confined to the domains of their homes", it added.

"Door to door survey was carried out by Civil Defence Volunteers (CDVs) to assess the extent of banked population and Aadhar enrolment. An Aadhar enrolment camp was organised in the village to enable people to get Aadhar cards," the government said.

In January, a mega camp was organised with representatives of 20 different banks to bring all banking services at their doorstep.

"All 113 households in the village have at least one bank account which is mobile phone linked and Aadhar seeded. It makes this villages 100 per cent digital payment enabled village," the statement added.