sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 21-March-2019

A Letter from Germany

India is a land of opportunities, yet it misses out on talents due to poor life standards and messy systems here. We have lot of lessons to learn from Germany

Shubham Rai


For almost a year, I have been out of India to pursue my higher studies, first in Singapore and then in Germany. The most noticeable aspect in these countries is the structured systems and citizenry’s strict adherence to the norms. Not only norms, rules or regulation, people respect each other’s personal space and time. In these so-called developed countries, there is great sense of pride for one’s own time and other’s time. They have automated the processes to enable services for people. Like, ATM machines are fully functional banks without any manual intervention. Only important works requires human intervention which works on scheduled appointments. Being late is not entertained and punctuality is considered sacrosanct.
In Germany, people are given compulsory vocational training in which skills like carpentry, electrical work and masonry are taught. This creates a sense of value for labour in their mindsets. Traffic management and road safety system are very efficient in Germany. For getting a driving license, one has to get various kinds of certificates before the license is handed. One need to undergo first aid training, get eyesight correction certificate. Every process is automated and requires minimal effort.
Life and leisure is accorded high value in Germany. There is a system of work contract in place to ensure work-life balance. 100% work contract is for 40 hours of week and you are paid accordingly. One can switch to 50% work hours or 75% work too. People chose their contracts as per their availability and desire. This comes in quite handy in situations of baby care or medical issues. One thing which has always made me feel proud is that Indians are well reputed for their work ethics and they are considered hardworking and sharp people. In my university, one can find Indians in research in almost all the departments. Everyone misses their homeland a lot. But, they have gotten accustomed to the systematic and organised lifestyle here. It is high time, that we Indians should start working on setting systems in place and follow them without any exceptions. We are a nation of smart and persistent people; we need a mindset shift and systemic overhaul to follow structured processes and enhance our living standards.