sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 21-May-2019


New Delhi| The orphan children in the country will be allotted aadhar cards to enjoy the health and educational services.


The Ministry of Women and Child Development has approved the standard operating procedures in order to provide educational and health services to the orphan or homeless children in the country.

These guidelines are passed with the aim to provide rehabilitation to the homeless children. In order to oversee the medical, education and nutrition needs of the children, the ministry has also taken some additional decisions including health insurance, bank accounts and financial sponsorship.

Save the Children NGO Advocacy Director Vidisha Pillai says, "80 per cent of children living on the streets don’t have any identity proofs, it is their biggest obstacle in exercising their rights or receiving government services. Schools don’t enroll these children. They also don’t get proper medical attention due to the lack of basic identity proofs.

She says, “If we provide them with Aadhar card, they can also take advantage of various government services.

Child rights organisation, NPCR and non-governmental organization, Save the Children have developed a standard operating procedures which has prepared action plans for four different sections of homeless children.

These categories of children are, ‘abandoned or orphaned children, ‘runaway or missing children’, ‘children living on the street or belonging to a street community’ and ‘children begging on the street’.