sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 27-June-2019


I have lot many plans and projects at hand, if I become successful in attaining at least 50% success, I will be more than happy

What is the film ‘Toilet- Ek Prem Katha’ all about?
Please don’t get carried away by the title of the film. Actually this is a totally comedy film wherein the heroine who resides in a slum falls in love with the hero  who is the owner of a toilet. They both fall in love and get married.  They have one motto in life as that is to ‘construct a toilet’ and they get down to the grass root level for doing the same. This film portrays the difficulties which this couple faced in building the toilet which is also covered by good comedy.

Do you feel  and consider it a promotional film?
I only consider this film a fully entertaining family melodrama.  Since we are going through the cleanliness drive ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ because of which one feels to  think that it is a promotional film. Like all my earlier films this film is also full of ‘masala’ and the events that has occurred in the film are put before the public in a very light, fluffy  and acceptable way.

On the one hand you acted in films like ‘Entertainment’, ‘Gabbar is Back’, Singh is Bling’,  and on the other hands there are films of your like ‘Baby’, ‘Airlift’, ‘Rustom’ , ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’- seems that you are doing mix n match films?
Yes, now I am trying to maintain this trend. I don’t want to do stereo typed roles. For example my next film after  ‘Rustom’  is  ‘Jolly LLB-2’. Then ‘ Toilet –Ek Prem Katha’  is entirely a different film with a different perspective and full of comedy ,a little bit away from the main stream. I feel that after  sustaining in the industry for so many years if I do not mix and match my roles and films then I doubt my fans will not accept me.

Not only are you doing mix & match films but you are also taking risk that is you are following the trend?
Yes , but  let me be very clear that films like ‘Mohra’ and ‘Mein Khiladi Tu Anari’ were also good films. You will agree and appreciate that with time and age  the perspectives, priorities, ideologies ,mind set and career planning – they all change.  Apart from this the taste of the public is also changing and as I have said earlier, if I don’t  experiment now then it will be too late thereafter. Let me tell you that ‘Mohra’ is my favourite movie as well as that of my wife Twinkle.

But the actors of your calibre and status are going on doing the same type of films that they are used to do?
I don’t think that I have to append my comments on this as this is purely their personal matter and I have no right  to  intervene .

Have you ever felt   the taste of your fans, as to what  do they expect from their star Akshay Kumar?
It solely depends on my mood as I too consider myself  as a spectator and would like to watch all kinds of films. But I am against those films in which there is criticism about our country.  This may annoy some people, but since some people are bad and corrupt you cannot blame the whole country, which you might have noticed in my films ‘Airlift’ and ‘Baby’  wherein few corrupt people are targeted but not the whole nation.  My latest film ‘ Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’ is also free from attacks and counter-attacks. I also love to watch cartoon films as well.

Before taking a job abroad you also worked for 2 years in Kolkata, any remembrances of the same?
Surely this city taught me many things.  I have some good friends in this city whom I meet whenever I get time.  Kolkata has a charm of its own which is very unique as well as the people here are very friendly and loving.

What is it  which pinches you  when you think about Kolkata, if there is any?
It was during that time  when I was quite young and was working in a small office ,where I used to stay as well.  I liked  to walk along the chowrangee lane. My dress code was track pants and T shirts with loads of oil pelted on my head. I used to have my breakfast at the first shop situated at the crossroad.  During that time lot of foreigners  also used to eat there.  I used to eat to my fill and can you  imagine how much I used to pay - just Rs 1.50/- . I still feel to go to there and eat well.

What is the secret of your fitness?
My fitness depends on major three factors, i.e. yoga, jogging and marshal arts.  For maintaining  this I keep on taking fitness  and health  tips from experts post which I chalk out my workouts.  I use my body in a natural way and not in a lethargic way for example during my stay at hotels, I don’t use lifts while making way to my room. I am a hard core jogger  and  a fitness freak and that is my health secret.  I easily walk around for 6 to 7 kms without looking at my watch. Sometimes I walk in the day as well. I do yoga for about 30 minutes  to 1 hour for  at least five days in a week. Since the beginning I take out time for my exercises and work outs. One more thing , I don’t depend on drugs  to maintain fitness.

Has obesity ever  overpowered  you at any point of time?
Those people who are cautious and conscious about their fitness, obesity cannot over power them.  It is easier for them to maintain their fitness. I never think about six packs or eight packs nor do I try to reveal my abs and muscles  by removing my shirt. I never allow obesity to hinder my self confidence  and over power me.  Whenever I adore myself, my body looks slender and fit to me as that is what is expected by Bollywood.

One last question…. what all are you planning to do this year?
Please keep on seeing and admiring what I am doing, I won’t say any further. Once I become successful at the end of the year, I will explain everything. I have lot many plans and projects at hand,
if I become successful in attaining at
least 50% success, I will be more
than happy.