sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 23-May-2019

Amit Shah launches Sulabh Swachh Bharat, Cashless Banega India

These are two major initiatives of Sulabh International, and despite his hectic schedule, the national president of BJP came ahead to launch them

NEW Delhi, December 20: Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah today launched Sulabh Swachh Bharat, a weekly tabloid devoted to developmental and positive news,  as well as a energizing bouquet from the Sulabh house of publications, “Cashless Banega India”.

Shah launched Sulabh Swachh Bharat weekly and its website as well as Cashless Banega India from the Sulabh International headquarters in Delhi.

He was welcomed with auspicious blowing of conchshells and recitation of Vedic mantras and felicitated by the educationist, social reformer and founder of Sulabh International Social Service Organisation Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak and his wife Amola Pathak.

During his visit he also inaugurated the SBI Buddy, the mobile wallet, at the Sulabh Campus, which can be used at all the centres of Sulabh toilets under the cashless benchmark programme initiated by the organisation. The organisation has tied up with the e-wallet facility and wishes to go cash less in the field of sanitation and hygiene.  

Shah later visited Sulabh Museum of Toilets, Biogas plant and Sulabh water ATM.

Joyful performances were given by the liberated scavengers of Alwar, Tonk, Ghaziabad, as well as the widows of Varanasi and Vrindavan, who are now under the care of Sulabh International and have returned from the shadows of society to the mainstream