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Thursday, 21-March-2019

Awards to performing officers

Itanagar| Arunachal Pradesh government has instituted the ‘Arunachal Civil Service Awards’ to reward officers who excel in public administration

“The awards have been introduce to encourage good governance in the state and to recognize the extraordinary services rendered by the government employees in the state.  It aims not only to boost the morale of the state government employees by recognizing their hard work and innovative work done by them, but also is expected to bring in a productive work culture,” the Chief Minister’s office said.

 The awards, which will acknowledge the outstanding and exemplary performance of civil servants, consists of a medal, a scroll, and cash award of Rs 1 lakh for an individual and Rs 5 lakh for an organisation/ group/ team.

Nominations for the awards will be considered on the basis of implementation of innovative schemes or projects, showing innovation and adaptation to meet the stakeholders’ requirement, building up perceptible system changes and institutions.

It also aims to honour civil servants and government employees who make public service delivery system efficient, corruption free, including speedy and judicious execution of work. Extraordinary performance in emergent situations like floods, earthquakes etc shall also form the basis of being eligible for this award.

The awards will be given for setting high standards of leadership quality, improving employees’ motivation and setting high standards of services and continued improvement, and also acknowledge the mission mode implementation of schemes prioritized by the state and central governments, the CMO said.