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Sunday, 26-May-2019

DR SUBROTO DAS - Rescuing the roads

Himself the victim of a road accident, Das realised that if help reaches on time, many lives can be saved, and hence he started the Lifeline Foundation

There is one death every four minutes on Indian roads. A lot of them could have been prevented had suitable help reached in time. Dr Subroto Das, from Vadodara, was selected for Padma Shri in the medicine category for his phenomenal work in saving lives on Indian highways. Das is founder of Lifeline Foundation, which operates in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Kerala and rescues the accident victims in time. Das feels that the award is not the end. “The award means more responsibility and inspires us more to work in this sector. We are also running a training programme ‘Vadodara Smart city a CPR city’ where we are providing training to adults about the CPR and first aid so that they can help the accident victims till the ambulance arrives,” he says.
On the fateful night of August, 1999, Das was travelling with his wife on Ahmedabad-Vadodara highway when their car met with an accident. They had to wait for five hours in excruciating pain, before help reached them. That incident moved him and he decided to find a suitable solution for this.
In July, 2002, he realised that putting ambulances at critical spots on highway is not a scalable solution. Instead, creating a network of ambulances, fire trucks and cranes would serve the purpose better. He founded his organisation and initiated a helpline number, 9825026000. Any accident victim can call up this number and the help immediately reaches the accident site. Hopefully, more such initiatives create safe roads for Indians in coming times.