sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 22-May-2019


In the world where we are trying to sneak into their destiny through human astrologers, evidence is mounting that animals, perhaps souls who slipped in their spiritual journeys, are also aligned to cosmic conciousness and can predict the future quite accurately

OH New Year is here and many of us are looking forward with aniticipatory feeling as to what will the year 2017 be like. So we all like to look at the newspapers and books having predictions for 2017 by some famous Astrologers like Bejan Daruwala or Tarot Readers like Maa Prem Usha and all. But in this world apart from the Human Astrologers there are some non human Predictors who are creating great waves. I dedicate this article on them.
While enjoying a trip to Chowki Dhani in Rajasthan with my wife, I, out of curiosity, put myself in front of a Parrot Astrologer, I never believed in these things at that time. The green feathered, red beaked creature came out in a regal style of its own and gracely picked up a fortune card for me. It got its reward which it anticipated and swiftly went back to its cage. The reading for me in that card was that soon I will have my own business and quite a few will earn their living through that business. I flashed the bird a a smile of disbelief, paid it owner the due honouring, and carried on enjoying the scintillating confluence of Chowki Dhani. One thought, for just a nick of time, flashed on my mind, Me in business? No way! I was very happy and satisfied with my high flying job. I started enjoying the camels and the magicians of the Fair.
Time passed and my life changed, I did launched my own business and it helped me to serve society by employing people, but I had almost forgotten the sweet little parakeet, so ungrateful I was! (Da Kuan Shu, I ask for greatest forgiveness). So, was the little bird’s picking up the fortune card for me was a mere coincidence or was the bird in some connection or flow with something higher which can really foresee the future? What exactly happend, what is the real science behind?
 During our classes in Jyotish Alankar,  we were told that birds and animals can foresee many earth events like earthquakes and weather changes. Lots of scientific proof is available on this. Many say that if animals behave strangely, then some natural catastrophe like earthquakes will happen. It is also seen that thousands of birds take off together but they do not collide with each other. The science behind this is that when a bird comes out of the egg and is ready to fly, it gets the flash of geomagnetic frequency embedded in its body. This frequency acts as a guiding mechanism throughout its life. So the birds fly in exactly the same geomagnetic frequency and there is no accident. Just imagine you and I getting this frequency, and there will be no accident! So that means in the hierarchy of evolution, though birds and animals are lower to humans, but somehow it seems that a Higher Conciousness have blessed them with some intelligence with which they can be on their own and pass their test of evolution to survive in the race of existence. Around the world many stories were heard of many animals and sea creatures who  are connected to perhaps some thing more than just Geomagnetic Frequency, and seem to have predicting coming events. Here are some of them.

Monkey Geda Triumphs
A monkey named Geda from China succesfully predicted the victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential polls, just as many human astrologers did. Two cutouts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were placed in front of him, Geda jumped and kissed the one of Donald Trump and later picked Donald’s plackard. The election results muddled general people and political ananlysts alike and where many big astrologers failed, Geda was bang on 10/10! This mystic monkey shot to fame for correctly tipping Portugal to win the Euro 2016 football championship the very last summer.

Deep Sea Clairvoyant
Paul the octopus from Germany had a 100 per cent record of predictions in all the German matches in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, 2012. First was the football match between Germany and England.
Two boxes with the national flags of England and Germany were dipped in his Paul’s aquatic space. Paul sucked open and put itself inside the box with the German flag. The very after Germany won the match 4 to 1. Second, against Argentina. This time too Paul backed Germany, and Lo! the team won 4-0. Third, match  was against Spain. It was revenge time for  the Germans who had lost to Spain earlier in the Euro 2008 Football finals. But alas, this time the psychic squid deserted Berlin by sucking out the Spanish flag. Spain won 1-0, a repeat of the Euro 2008 final. A dissapointing end to Germany’s World Cup dream.

‘Orangutans Never Lie’
The cute little ape, from Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park in China, is the latest psychic critter to have gained fame since Paul the Octopus.
There is a proverb in China, “Orangutans never lie.” And it may well hold true, at least for Tuah. KUTV, reported that animals at the Hogle Zoo in Utah have correctly predicted the Super Bowl championship results for the past
eight years.
This year, a 15-month-old orangutan named Tuah selected the Panthers by tapping a Carolina paper mache helmet.
The stats and this monkey are both in favour of the Carolina Panthers to beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. And this actually happened. Just check out the results!
So who all are these amazing creatures. Are they really pshycically gifted by some supernatural powers or are they just some fallen souls who have lost their higher soul journey and are back in the lower echelons of evolution of  the spiecies to pass their spiritual test in this Mother Earth, or are they just telling us humans to understand and believe in the higher cosmic conciousness and be one with the same? The debate is on.