sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 19-June-2019


The novel 'Bheegi Hui Ladki' projects a burning issue of our society

 Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, during the book release function of Dr Madhukar Gangadhar's novel. The function was held in the auditorium of Sahitya Akademi, Delhi on January 10th, 2017. It was organized by Mukul Publications. This is Dr Madhukar Gangadhar's tenth novel. Dr Pathak said that this novel is very engaging right from the beginning till the end and keeps the curiosity of the readers alive. Dr Madhukar Gangadhar has illustrated the prevailing male mindset towards women which is filled with lust. He has also highlighted the prevailing social issues in his book. Through his book, he has also urged the people to work together to uproot the social issues.
Dr Bindeshwar Pathak congratulated Dr Gangadhar for his novel effort and motivated him to continue writing great pieces. Dr Nandlal Mehta 'Wagish', Dr Harish Naval, Dr Varun Kumar Tiwari, Dr Brajendra Tripathi, Dr Kumud Sharma, Mr Mahesh Darpan, Ms Sapna Jain and Ms Sangeeta Raghuvanshi were also present during the function and provided their opinions. Dr Madhukar Gangadhar said in his statement said that I am time's stenographer, whatever I see, I write.