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Thursday, 20-June-2019

Braille Metro brochure

Delhi Metro museum launches Braille brochure for blind commuters

New Delhi| With the recently passed Disability bill and large-scale public concern over the disable’s accessibility of public services the Delhi Metro Museum has launched a special brochure in Braille for their blind commuters.

The brochure, printed in Hindi and English, will help visually impaired people to read information related to the museum.

The new brochure was launched at the Metro Museum, Patel Chowk, by Veerbala, wife of DMRC's Managing Director Mangu Singh and the wives of the other directors of the transporter.

On the occasion, visually challenged children from the NGO Saksham performed a skit titled ‘Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi', in which they discussed about the various challenges as well as the facilities available for the visually challenged.

A special storytelling session was also organised by the museum in which a professional storyteller was roped in to narrate inspiring stories to the children.

A six-day exhibition 'Metro Through Their Eyes', was also inaugurated which showcased artworks created by a few orthopaedically challenged children from NGO Prerna Niketan Sangh, depicting their love of metro trains.

The Delhi Metro Museum is one of the few museums globally which are dedicated to Metro railway. A treasure trove of display panels, historical photographs and exhibits, the museum traces the genesis of the Delhi Metro.

The Delhi Metro has been sensitive to the needs of the marginalised and has organised drawing competitions, workshops etc before also.

It has also organised special visits for physically challenged children and kids undergoing treatment for cancer.