sulabh swatchh bharat

Tuesday, 25-June-2019


Demonetization is a bitter pill introduced by the government to cure the country of many ills. Such strong decisions are laughed at in the short run; benefits will be reaped in the longer term only

Citizen of India are with PM Narendra Modi. This is why whether opposition parties are questioning against demonetization or they are protesting on road, they have not got success anywhere. Due to demonetization people are facing all kind of problems. Still they are supporting it. Congress and communists are trying to instigate the people.  Till now all of them have faced failure only. Here the question arises, Why oppostion leaders are not ready to understand the scheme which is very much clear to the common man?

Situation after demonetization is difficult for both the government and the opposition.  Especially PM is facing all kinds of challenges.  Government is bothered about the long queue in front of banks. People are not supporting the opposition. So even they are going through tough time. Opposition is feeling more troubled because if through demonetization, government becomes successful to check black money.  It will be a big add-on to the aura of PM. Here, it will get almost impossible for opposition to fight against him.  Long back, when Indira Gandhi was the PM, Jyoti Basu had suggested her for demonetization. Now, his party men along with the Congress are against Demonetization. 

Government was very much aware that demonetization is the only way for the disclosure of black money. This is the reason they had prepared themselves on many front.  On one side, government is trying to gather information against corrupt bank officers who are involved in making black money white illegitimately. On the other hand, ED and Income Tax department is conducting raid at different places. Due to this, every day millions of black money is discovered from different part of India. Officers involved in the raid are getting black money from houses, offices and even from the washrooms. CBDT chairman Shushil Chandra said, till now they have raided 291 places. Until now they have recovered Rs 302 crore in cash and jewellery, whereas they have recovered anonymous properties of around Rs 26000 crore.

Investigation is going on for the account in which two lakh or more has been deposited after demonetization. People who have somehow deposited their black money in account are not at all safe. The message is quite clear, by hook or by crook, government is going to put halter on black money from getting white. Government has given last opportunity to the individuals involved in tax theft to declare their money. Along with it, PM Modi has also announced Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. This is to ensure that the money collected through demonetization will be used for the development of poor people.

Government has planted a seed of clean and developed economy. It is going to be fruitful by 2017. Large amount of black money gets invested in real estate.  Government is aware of it from past many decades. In the year 1988, the laws were made to regulate it. Congress and its government never felt the need to notify it. Janta government came into power in year 1977 and then Prime Minister Morarji Desai had banned currency notes of larger denomination. This was also symbolic only, as they had declared
it before hand only. After demonetization government is going to target anonymous properties Prime Minister has himself admitted it. During his speech in Goa, he made it clear that his next target is going to be anonymous properties. In year 2017, government is going to work on it. In year 2017 only government is going to take steps against corrupt bank officers too.

With changing currency, the country will keep changing. PM has indicated it clearly. The truth of CDs of sting operations, against bank is with finance minister. This will also be revealed in 2017. Reserve bank has ordered other banks to keep the CCTV footage of bank after 8th of November. Till now story of mix-up has come out from few branches only. In 2017 the government will investigate against it and then the whole muss created by the ‘gods of wealth’ will be identified.

People were presuming that government is not taking any big or harsh decision. On many issues government stepped back too. This was making this presumption even stronger. Demonetization has entirely changed the thought of people. Now, people are getting assured of government’s capability to take any kind of decision. The decision against black money could be harm the position of PM Modi. As people involved with black money are not going to like it anyway. PM himself is well aware of it. He wants to take this country in the direction of development and success. To achieve this mission, PM is walking on the path of challenge, danger and risk in this chilling winter. PM Modi wants to walk on this rough path
of struggle because this is going to take the nation to the desired destination.