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Wednesday, 22-May-2019


Autowala gets praise for refusing money from women returning from work at late hours

While Delhi is considered one of the most unsafe cities for women, a recent incident has opened the nation’s eyes to the existence of an unsung hero, an auto driver who not only ensured that a woman reached her destination safely at night but also refused to take any money from her. While horrific incidents in the national capital, especially the 2012 Nirbhaya case, have naturally created a fear in the minds of women who travel alone, Kolkata-based Neha Das is “so glad to have met him!” She met an auto-rickshaw driver, who not only ensured she reached safely to her destination but also offered a free ride.
Sharing the story online, Neha Das, originally from Kolkata, wrote on Facebook about Praveen Ranjan.
It was a regular workday for Neha, who left office a little after midnight, after completing and wrapping up her work for the day. With winter having set in, the streets were not just empty but also foggy, and Neha waited outside her office in an attempt to find an auto rickshaw to take her home.
A short while later, an auto pulled up in front of her, and when she asked the driver about the fare, he said, “Madam mein khuch nehi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pauchana zyada zaroori hein“ (Madam I do not charge any fare from girls at this hour. Getting them safely home is what is important). Neha, like perhaps anyone in her position, was taken aback at hearing this. In her post, she writes, “I stood there wondering if he is for real. Delhi is full of shitty people, but there is this kind as well.”
She goes to write that while she tried giving him some money once she reached home, he refused to take it. So, Neha decided to click a picture of this good samaritan instead and found out that his name was Praveen Ranjan.
She ends the post by saying, “Thank God for such nice, genuine people. There is always good in things around us. We probably don’t come across it often.”