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Thursday, 23-May-2019

Delhi’s Leadership Programme

New Delhi| The Delhi government on Tuesday announced the launch of a programme in select state-run schools to begin with to develop and inculcate leadership skills among students.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made the announcement at an event to facilitate meritorious students and schools for outstanding performances.

"A creative spirit and self-confidence are more important than academic learning. The leadership programme will be introduced in a few select schools and gradually expanded to include every school in Delhi," Sisodia said.

Sisodia, who holds the education portfolio, stressed the importance of leadership skills in every individual's life.

"Leadership qualities are required to help an individual set the pace of his life. We want our children to inculcate the leadership qualities wherever they go in life, whether they join some profession or start a business," Sisodia said.

"They (students) should be able to lead the nation if the nation needs them."

The Aam Aadmi Party leader said in its first year, the government focused on educational infrastructure. In its second year, it tried providing international-level training to teachers.

"In our third year, we will focus on making learning more creative and productive," Sisodia added.