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Wednesday, 22-May-2019

Disabled Enabled

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur are using technology to provide web access to the people who have difficulty accessing it through conventional means.

The application converts interfaces of social media platforms such as Facebook and re-organises them in a way that can be used by those with impairments, to experience social networking via access switches. “For those with neuro-motor disorders, we have developed the interface by which they can access web and carry out social networking activities,”; Anupam Basu, lead researcher and Head and Chairman, Centre for Education Technology, IIT Kharagpur, said. “Using software application, Facebook interface can reorganised and accessed,” Basu added with some legitimate pride. suresh Prabhu’s Clean dream Indian Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu’s environmental concerns are very well spread and comprehensive. Earlier, he had kicked off the cleaning campaign, “Swachh Rail Mission.” Now he has turned his attention to power consumption. Prabhu has recently emphasised the need to identify options to achieve and realise an energy system with least environmental impact. “Railways being a significant consumer of energy, identifying cost-effective options to achieve an energy system with least environmental impacts is essential,” adding that the Railways’ “Vision 2020” document states that the key target is to utilise at least 10 per cent of its energy requirement from renewable sources.“As a part of this, Indian Railways has planned to set up 1,000 MW solar power plants and about 200 MW of wind power plants by 2020,” he added.