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Tuesday, 25-June-2019


Pruthviraj S Sarangmath and Prasanna Kalkoti’s innovation is here to produce 1kW/h

An innovation which can generate electricity from moving vehicles on the highways and rainwater, besides recharging water bodies, has come to light – thanks to Pruthviraj S Sarangmath and Prasanna Kalkoti, final year Civil Engineering students from the KCE Society’s CI Munavalli Polytechnic College based out of Hubbali in Karnataka.
The project ‘Strategies for enhancing local water bodies with the production of electricity through water and Enlil turbines’ won the first prize over 100 such entries in the Indian International Science Festival in Lucknow.
Enlil turbine is originally a vertical axis wind turbine that generates electricity from wind power.
“These are vertical axis turbines, and when wind passes through them, it turns in a circular motion due to which electric energy is produced. The best place for the implementation of Enlil turbines is on highways or roads where vehicular traffic is more,” said Pruthviraj.
As per the two students, these turbines can produce 1kW power per hour, which can be stored and later used to power street lights and also provided to nearby The award-winning innovation also ensures that surface run-off water (rainwater) does not merely end up in drains, but through the process of slow sand filtration help recharge water bodies, generate drinking water and further electricity.