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Tuesday, 23-April-2019

Hind Swaraj, a Diya to sky

Mahatma Gandhi had written this beautiful book which is as relevant even today what with concepts of Panchayati Raj and climate change. But, is there need for another Hind Swaraj?


In the month of Kartik (it’s a moth in Hindi suppose to be very auspicious. India celebrates Festival Diwali in this month) the tradition we have to light a Diya. This Diya is for our ancestors and gods. Friends, this is the month of November. Specially the November of 2009. This is the Demotic, ideologic and religious month. Hundred years back during 13th to 22nd of this month, Mahatma Gandhi while travelling on a ship had lit a Diya in the sky on the name of his parents. Name of that Diya is ‘Hind Swaraj’ because light of Indianess in this Diya has the extract of history and Puranas. This is why when Pratipada(first day after Purnima or amavasya) starts and we have Shardiya Navratra(Festival in which we worship different form of godess durga for nine days) we chant Navahan for all the nine days. We read Ramcharitmanas. Taking it as a duty, if you read 10-10 pages of ‘Hind Swaraj’ of Gandhi ji from 13th to 22nd November, you will complete reading it in nine days.  The day you will complete it, you will light a Akash deep above your country.
Our mind is made up of three books. First book is Adam Smith’s ‘World of Nation’. Second book is Karl marx’s ‘communist manifesto’ and the third book is Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Hind Swaraj’. Because of Adam Smith capitalism is flowing. Karl Marx is the reason behind the communism in the world. But in next twenty years if something is going to be discussed will come out of the Gandhi’s ‘Hind Swaraj’. That’s why I am requesting you to read it. Not because he is our ‘Father of Nation’, but in next 20 years the temperature of earth is going to increase by 3 degree Celsius and your river Ganga will not exist anymore. Including many other cities even you won’t have your metropolitan Mumbai anymore. That day what Bramhputra will go through no one knows even that. With the rate we are increasing the world’s temperature; it is going to destroy anyway. So, remember that Mahatma Gandhi who once said it is a diabolical civilization and this will ruin you one day. Today worldwide scientist and intellectuals are worried and discussing, whether this earth will remain the same or not, if it will not remain the same will our civilization able to survive. As river Saraswati got vanished same way even our intellect has also vanished. We are not able to see Mohenjo daro and Harappa the civilization we had before, how they got killed off. These civilizations were not destroyed in any war. It’s nothing like, any outsider invaded, Aryas attacked or any other aggressor destroyed this civilization. Probation shows Mohenjo daro and Harappa destroyed gradually with their destroying environment. After leaving Mohenjo daro and Harappa we moved towards east and south. These all happened as we learned to make brick. For doing this we put the Clay Londe in small wooden boxes and bake it. From these bricks we made drains and then build cities. To protect ourselves from rivers we arranged these bricks. In doing so, we did not spare forests.
Friends, in Sindhi mohenjo daro means mound of dead bodies. In Gujrat we have one port named ‘Lothal’. In Gujrati ‘Loth’ means deadbody. Even ‘Lothal’ means same as mohenjo daro. So, we have one mound of dead bodies in Gujrat and another one in Sindh.  Where ever we have done excavations we find things related to that civilization and mounds of dead bodies proving they were not killed in any disaster. There are people who all think  that heating of atmosphere and sinking of world, are just fables said to scare people.
People who keep these kind of perception should go to Mohenjo Dero or remember the pre-existing river Saraswati. On the Bank of Saraswati only saints and sages had scripted all the Vedas. If you go through Vedas you will get the description of just this river only. You won’t get description of Ganga and Yamuna as our Saints use to reside on its bank only.        
Now, if we have destroyed one of our ‘Mahanadi’ and Saraswati. There is no doubt if the temperature of earth will keep increasing same pace, the civilization we are proud of is going to reach the same end like Mohenjo daro and Harappa.
This is the reason Mahtma Gandhi wrote in ‘Hind Swaraj’, this civilization is based on unlimited consumption and one it is going to end. That’s why Mahatma named it ‘diabolical civilization ‘and after 100 years we can sense the danger standing in front of us.    Now, it is not that Mahatma Gandhi was against the western civilization.
He used to feel, India is greater civilization than them. Mahatma Gnadhi was a man who took intellect as debauchery. According to him, thoughts which couldn’t be materialized in life are useless. He had written very clearly -  torch all the literature I have written or spoken because it is not going to stand out.        
He never wrote ‘Hind Sawarj’ for any discussion. Neither though his writing he every tried to prove Indian civilization better than western. He was never kind of man who would get indulged in to intellectual war.  
So friends, it was not Mahatma Gandhi who decided the fight of civilization. He was just worried about human being getting slave to civilization. Because as much you get dependent on others you will get slave to it. He was concerned about bringing Swaraj. He never took Swaraj as the political independence.
He wrote ‘Hind Swaraj’ against people who wanted to liberate the country with the help of violence and industrialization. Sorry to say, even Pt. Jawahar laal Nehru was also one of them. They use to believe, only Industrial revolution like west, development of English and western genre can prosperous India.
We walked on the foot prints of Russia and now from past 18 years we are following America. So friends, this year I’m travelling and telling people the need of writing next ‘Hind Swaraj’. It is because the ‘Hind Swaraj’ Gandhi wrote was to make India Independent and have his own Swaraj.  
(Extracts from a lecture by late Editor of Jansatta, Prabhash Joshi at a function on November 4, 2009 to mark centenary of release of Mahatma Gandhi’s bookn Hind Swaraj)