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Tuesday, 25-June-2019

Horticulture institute at Arunachal

ITANAGAR | The Arunachal Pradesh government and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) has signed a MoU for setting up a regional centre of the Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture (CITH) at Dirang in West Kameng district.


Head of State Horticulture Research and Development Institute (SHRDI) Egam Basar said the institute will provide the state quality planting materials and technology transfer for temperate horticulture.

 “The other temperate crops producing states of the country have almost exhausted its primary land for cultivation. But the vast suitable and unexplored land in Arunachal Pradesh will offer huge scope for future expansion,” Basar said.

According to him, Arunachal is expected to emerge as major producer with strong technical back up from the regional centre of temperate horticulture.

At the MoU signing programme, Dr. Javed Iqbaal, Senior Scientist from CITH, Srinagar gave a power point presentation on road map for promotion of temperate horticulture in the State.

He informed that development of quality planting materials and technology demonstration will be the main focus in the initial stage of functioning of the regional centre. He also emphasized on crop diversification by moving beyond apple and kiwi and introduction of exotic varieties of walnut, apricot, olive, pears , peach and plum in other temperate areas of the State besides West Kameng and Tawang district for which series of network research programme will be initiated with the help of SHRDI.