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Tuesday, 25-June-2019

IIT-KGP enables web access for disabled

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur have developed software that can enable those with neuro-motor disorders to access the web, play games and participate in social networking with ease.

Technology is a great enabler. Researchers at IIT, Kharagpur are using the technology to provide web access to the people who have difficulty accessing it through conventional means.

"We are now working on dyslexia and in that we have started working on how we can make intelligent software by which children can read," added Basu.

The application converts interfaces of social media platforms such as Facebook and re-organises them in a way that can be used by those with impairments, to experience social networking via access switches (assistive technology device).

"For the neuro-motor disorders, we have developed the interface by which they can access web and carry out social networking activities," Anupam Basu, lead researcher and Head and Chairman, Centre for Education Technology, IIT Kharagpur.

"Using the software application, Facebook interface can be changed and converted in a way, reorganised and made amenable through access switches. Facebook can be accessed and games can be played by children," Basu said.

The application can be deployed on mobile phones and works well on 5-inch or 7-inch tablets. Researchers have developed a whole new range of technological tools to empower children with special needs (including the visually challenged and those with speech and motor disabilities) and meet their educational requirements.