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Wednesday, 19-June-2019

India’s first solar storage

NTPC has agreed to set up solar storage power plants in Andaman Island of India. This will be the first solar storage power plant of India.

Andaman Island is all set to get the country’s first solar storage power plant. The country’s largest power generator company NTPC, has decided set up two solar storage power plants in the famous holiday destination. Unlike the previous plants, the new ones can store the excessive energy from the panel to have continuous energy availability even at night.

NTPC is planning to construct two such plants of 8 and 17 MW (mega watt) for a total capacity of 25 MW on the island. Both plants will be linked to the Port Blair grid. With this size of power storage the power plant can allow 24/7 power supply to even the remote locations of the island. The 8 MW plant at Chiria Tapu and 17 MW at Manglu Tan are situated on the main island of Port Blair. It will be an important step in delivering Modi’s promise to electrify every village as well as achieving his efforts to minimize pollution. The plant establishment will slash the pollution on the island by a significant fraction; replacing the polluting diesel generators as its primary power source.

The administration has asked NTPC to set power plants of 50 MW in the island. The Centre will meet 40% of the project expenses through special area grants. The officials involved in the project have declined to disclose the estimated cost of the project, but they have indicated the estimated completion of the project by June 2018.