sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 20-June-2019


Lucknow| The Stockholm Water Prize winner Rajnedra Singh has exhorted all political parties in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh to clearly spell their policies on water conservation and environment protection which directly affect every citizen of the country.

Popularly known as “Waterman of India”, Singh points that none of the political parties have taken up the twin issues in their manifestoes which revolves around hollow development promises and policies promoting their vote-banks on caste and religious lines.

Speaking at a public forum on Water, Earth and Forest, Singh appealed to people of the state and NGOs to come forward and use their franchise judiciously voting for only those political parties which promises to work for the environment protection, water conservation, revival of ground water recharge bodies, removal of encroachments from ponds and lakes and increasing forest cover and greenery in rural and urban areas.

The waterman, who travelled to 37 countries around the globe educating people about water conservation, firmly believes that water conservation is far better in rural India in comparison to the urban. “Even though people are following century-old ground recharge and water conservation methods, the indigenous system in villages is far greater effective than water harvesting mandatory in all high-rise buildings in urban India,” he quips.

Singh says that the key to conserve water lies in rural India. Harvesting of rainwater and other means being used in the rural areas of India are the only methods which can help us all in conserving the water and also recharging the ground water.


“We create awareness everyday and nothing happens but if you go to the rural areas you will see people working hard to save the water but no such activity happens in the urban area,” says Singh.

The waterman further stressed upon checking construction of buildings over ponds and other water reservoirs.

“Everyone wants a home and it is their right to have their own home but one should not kill the natural habitat to make one’s dwelling,” appeals Singh.

 “God gifted us life and has given us all the resources to live and water is the most essential part of our living.  The time has come that every single human being will have to come together for conserving the most essential element of life,” says the Waterman of India.

He points that it was very unfortunate that people in India, especially from the urban areas, have shown little concern about water conservation. “I have been travelling to different countries and people there are very much concerned about saving water for the generation to come but it is very unfortunate that Indian people are not at all worried about it,” rues Singh.