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Sunday, 26-May-2019

Innovation Festival

Guwahati| The Regional Science Centre (RSC), Guwahati, one of the constituent units of the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Union Ministry of Culture, today kicked off the 3rd Innovation Festival here.

The two-day festival will provide a common platform to people working in different fields, like innovators, artists, performers, craftsmen and science demonstrators, in showcasing their creativity.

On the recommendation of the National Innovation Council and with the support of the Union Ministry of Culture, the NCSM has set up almost 20 innovation hubs in its different units all over India to inspire innovation by young students. The Innovation Hub of RSC, Guwahati, was inaugurated in February, 2014 and has about 175 members from different schools and colleges.

The Innovation Festival has sections like ‘Innovators,’ ‘Artisans,’ ‘Do-ityourself ’ and ‘Challenge corner.’

Around 55 innovators, including artisans and other experts from different parts of the Northeast, have already confirmed their participation with their machines and unique creations. The innovators will display and demonstrate their innovative products.

In the Artisans section, experts from fields like art, craft, music, pottery, bell metal, brass, sculpture and terracotta will take part with their creative works and demonstrate these to the visitors. The artisans will show their unique creations connected with cultural heritage with live demonstrations for the visitors.

In the ‘Do-it-yourself’ section, many hands-on activities will be conducted, especially for school students. As part of the Do-it-yourself corner, ‘Make & Take’ activities are expected to attract students and families, and visitors will be allowed to make some science kits by using readily available material provided to them.

In the ‘Challenge corner,’ some of the interesting science-based challenges will be given to individuals, family and others who will visit the festival. The best participants in the Challenge corner will be awarded with prizes.