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Monday, 20-May-2019

Interview: Anushka Sharma

After Sultan’s bumper hit at the box office, Anushka Sharma is in seventh heaven. She’s won praise and accolades for her performance. More important, her maiden home production Fillauri is nearing completion.

Is there any set reason why you do films after a long gap?

Not exactly. There is no set reason but the media is all too ready to make stories out of it, terming it as ‘come-back’. If you look back, there’s been no film from Shah Rukh Khan in one and a half to two years. After this break, which ever film of his releases will be described by the media as Shah Rukh making a ‘come back’. It’s so weird and funny. You must understand that actors are human beings too. They too feel like taking a break and resting a while, giving time for themselves and their families.  You will appreciate that doing a film is not easy, it drains you both mentally and physically. This is the only reason that after doing a particular film, one tends to take a break.


When I interviewed you the last time, you expressed your desire to work with Salman. Now your wish has been fulfilled.

Yes, I was very keen on working with Salman and Sultan has fulfilled my desire. I have no problems working with him and look forward to working with him in the future also, but the director of the film has to give me an assurance that he will be able to tackle the film in the desired manner. Once this issue is settled then I look at the cast. People might think that I am egoistic. It is nothing of that sort.  It is always my endeavour that whatever film I do, it should entertain people and give them their money’s worth. For a film to be a hit, the script should be super hit. I am honoured and fortunate to have worked with Salman on such a good script. He is a mega star and to talk about his fan following is like showing light to the sun. Working with Salman means that your work is seen by a great number of people.


You have worked with all three Khans- Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman ?

The biggest factor and the plus point of these three stars is they care about their fans. The replies they post for their fans on twitter and social media is admirable. Shah Rukh once told me, “No matter how successful and big you may become, never forget your
fans, after all they are the cause of our existence.”

I will always remember that advice. I have found this quality in all three of them, that despite of their busy schedule they find time for their fans and interact with them regularly. To become great you have to humble yourself and this is what they have done.


Is there much for an actress in a Salman starrer ?

As I have stated earlier, for me the script is of prime importance. Once I like the script I start working on it. Being a wrestler doesn’t mean you are a dumbo. There are different categories in wrestling as per their weight category. There are many wrestlers who are not hefty but have a toned figure. Further, Sultan is not only about Salman. You might have understood after seeing the film what is it that I wanted to convey. You cannot say that I had nothing to portray in this film.

Why do you refuse films under the Yash Raj banner ?

Yash Raj films is like a family to me. They gave me a break in Bollywood. I will remain indebted to Aditya Chopra for my entire life. Let me tell you that Karan Johar had cautioned Aditya Chopra not to cast me in ‘Rab ne bana di Jodi’, claiming I will not be able to do justice to that role. But I trusted myself and excelled. Those people who are close to me know that I don’t forget the good deeds done by others in my life.


But many change once they attain the status of a celebrity.

Let me tell you, I am from a middle class family, with no connections with anybody in the film industry.  I am a self made person and never took any help or favours from anybody. That is why I do not forget my basics. I will also not forget the place from where I came. For the people I am a celebrity, but I will never cease to being Anushka the person within. I still derive pleasure from  small things, I go out for dinner with my friends, take my parents for an outing

Some time back there was a furore in the social media concerning you?

Please, I don’t want to waste my time talking about this. I just want to say that social media is very powerful, so put it to good use. All the loose talk about me is being done by losers, and we should not give any importance to their lewd remarks. Initially, I was carried away by such stuff but now I turn a deaf ear. People should understand that celebrities are human beings and have their own problems in life.  Whether you stay in a small house or in a mansion, problems persist, therefore the social media should refrain from talking about the personal lives of celebrities.

You have become vegetarian, but after the release of Rab Ne Banayi Jodi you commented in an interview that you relish chicken ?

Yes I’ve been a vegetarian for the past two years. I feel very uncomfortable eating outside. The moment I get free, I freak out, dine out with my friends in a restaurant. There I find that there are more than 200 dishes on the menu, out of which only 5-6 are vegetarian dishes and rest all are non-vegetarian dishes.

What am I going to eat man!!!. For Sultan I had to take boost intake of protein. I don’t like paneer but for the sake of protein, I had to eat it!

Like Priyanka and Deepika, are you keen about getting on the Hollywood bandwagon?

Not as of now, but yes if any meaningful character or role awaits me, then I would surely love to go to Hollywood.  You will not gain anything there by your face value. I salute the work which Deepika and Priyanka are doing, hats off to them.  Right now I am busy doing a Karan Johar film ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ as well as my home production Fillauri.