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Wednesday, 26-June-2019

ISRO on the brink of making history

Will make history by launching 82 satellites together next year

Pride of the nation, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is set to achieve yet another milestone. ISRO is going to make history with their mission next year. Launching a whopping 82 satellites at once, it is going to make a new world record on 15th January, 2017.

More importantly, out of the 82 satellites that are to be launched together, 60 of them are American, 20 from European Union while 2 of them are from UK. Russia holds the record for launching 37 satellites in one go. US had launched 29 satellites on 19 November 2013, claiming the second position. While India has already launched 20 satellites together on 22 June this year, it is also going to set the record of launching most satellite next year which is more than twice as much as Russia.

ISRO has achieved countless accomplishments before. Earlier in 2014, ISRO made a record sending the ‘Mangalyaan’ into the Mars orbit in their first ever interplanetary mission.

Most of the foreign satellites to be launched are nano sized and will be placed in the same section. ISRO is going to use the XL version of their most trusted rocket, PLSV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) for this important space mission. PSLV can haul over 1600 kg into space.