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Wednesday, 26-June-2019

JITESH GADHIA, British MP: Making Rig Veda famous

British MP of Indian origin swore oath of allegiance on Rig Veda

Jitesh Gadhia, 46 years old, is the youngest Briton of Indian origin to enter the House of Lords, where the average age of MPs is 69 years. While swearing allegiance to Britain’s monarch, he used ‘Rig Veda’ to pledge his oath. Rig Veda is an ancient collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns dating back to 1200 BC. Gadhia used a copy of ‘Rig Veda’, which was edited and published in Devanagari by Max Muller, in 1849. Later, he gifted the copy to British Parliament.

Mr Gadhia has been a renowned investment banker and also a member of the board of UK Financial Investments (UKFI). He has been a champion of financial sector reforms and been pushing the establishment to take difficult decisions on Britain’s banks. Gadhia is believed to be close to ex-PM David Cameroon and is also a leading Conservative party donor. He was instrumental in making Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit last November, a success. Gadhia’s gesture has brought limelight on Rig Veda on international fora.