sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 26-June-2019


Ram Bai Yadav, a woman farmer from Chhattisgarh, is producing high quality organic fertiliser by mixing cow dung and gomutra or cow urine

Education? Till class two. Occupation? Agriculture. Achievement? Producing high quality organic fertiliser with cow dung and gomutra.  Isn’t it surprising? But it is true. Ram Bai a resident of village Baheradih, district Janjgir Champa of Chhattisgarh has done a great deal of work which is easy even for veterans. The organic fertiliser ‘Jivamrit’ made by her has given a tough fight to the chemical fertilisers available in the market. She is a mere literate to say the least if we look at her background.    
The fertiliser is made by mixing gomutra, cow dung, gram flour and jaggery. The farmers need not use any chemical fertiliser after using the organic one. This mixture has been named as Jaiv Urvarak by her.
The organic fertiliser is cost effective as compared to chemical fertiliser. It takes only one cow’s dung and urine to make ten litres of organic fertiliser. The mixture needs to be stirred for four to five hours in order to make it usable.  
Why is it important
Organic fertiliser is very much in demand these days. According to agricultural scientists organic fertiliser enhances the fertility of the soil, whereas continuous use of chemical fertilisers harms soil quality.  These also reduce the quantity of organics found in the soil thus directly impacts the productivity. Also using great amount of chemical fertilisers leads to contaminate groundwater. Therefore the organic fertiliser can be an excellent alternative. Therefore the organic fertiliser is the dire need of the hour for our farmlands.
Ram Bai has inspired lots of people in her village to use the organic manure. Her product ‘Jivamrit’ is high on demands in the nearby villages. However she makes a small quantity of it for her own use but it is expected that it will soon be available in the market for others too.  

Cheap and best
Ram Bai says that the manure she makes is cheaper than the chemical fertiliser which are available in the market for the crops. According to a data chemical fertiliser worth Rs 10,000 is used in one acre of land. On the other hand Ram Bai claims that the cost is reduced to Rs 1,000 if her organic fertiliser is used. She says that it is not only beneficial for wheat and paddy crop but also good
for vegetables.