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Tuesday, 25-June-2019


From cleaning an aircraft toilet to wiping the dirt off an airline counter, JRD Tata has taught lessons of cleanliness

“Cleanliness is the Hallmark of perfect standards and the best quality inspector is the conscience” – JRD Tata. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata is a name well-versed not only in India but across the world. A pioneer of civil aviation in India, Tata introduced the nation’s first commercial airline – Tata Airlines – which was later nationalised into what we popularly know today as Air India. Tata was very committed to his airline, so much so that he often joined the crew in its maintenance. His love for cleanliness was no lesser. It was to the extent that on an occasion he didn’t shy away from cleaning a dirty aircraft toilet.
The crew members were stunned, but learnt a great lesson of cleanliness and modesty that day.
In another such incident, Tata once picked up a duster and wiped a dirty airline counter.
These incidents have been disclosed in a new book ‘The Tata Group: From Torchbearers to Trailblazers’, penned by management strategist and researcher Shashank Shah who is also a visiting scholar at the Harvard Business School.
“If he saw a dirty airline counter, he would shame everyone by requesting a duster and wiping it himself. On one occasion, he rolled up his sleeves and helped the crew clean a dirty aircraft toilet,” writes Shah.
His minute observations and attention to cleanliness are the qualities to be embraced and adopted in one’s life.