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Thursday, 20-June-2019


The army officer, Lt Col Ranveer Singh Jamwal has done the impossible: summitted Mount Everest thrice

Former President late APJ Abdul Kalam had said once: “Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.” Lieutenant Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal has shown exemplary strength in climbing to the top of at least one of the two mentioned above. Not once, not twice, but this army man from Jat Regiment has scaled Everest thrice till now. He had reached the world’s highest peak at 8,848 metres in May 2012 and May 2013. Last year, he again achieved the feat with a 14 member Indian Army expedition team. Jamwal has had quite humble beginnings. He belongs to Badhori, a small village in Samba district, Jammu and Kashmir. He joined the Army as a jawan in the Dogra regiment. He could have been one of those numerous jawans who retire in non-commissioned ranks. But, tenacity was an innate trait in Jamwal. He worked hard to get into Indian Military Academy (IMA) and was commissioned in the Jat Regiment as an officer in 2002. After his mountaineering course from Indian Army’s prestigious “High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS)”, Gulmarg, he was posted there as an instructor. Till date, he has completed umpteen mountaineering expeditions, including the highest peak of South America, Africa, Europe & Australia. But, the one where his tenacity was much evident was the expedition to Everest in April, 2015. It was then that the earthquake struck in higher reaches of Himalayas and resulted in avalanche. Jamwal’s team was near Khumbu ice-fall, at a height of 20,000 feet. He reminisces, “Once I realised that the avalanche has slowed, I shouted “RUN”! It was the race against an approaching danger; the run for life at 20000 feet, crampon in foot, crevices all around and one could have tripped into crevices anytime.” Not only did Jamwal’s team survive, they also rescued many casualties. His team was the last one to leave the Everest Base Camp after the disaster, ensuring safety of all the survivors.
Jamwal’s mountainous jaunts have made him famous in adventure circuits, but what makes him a true hero is his passion to serve. He has been involved in countless rescue expeditions in Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand. Be it rescue operation at Mt Kedar Dome, where mountaineers trapped in an avalanche were rescued or saving the lives of soldiers and civilians in Gurez, he has always led from the front. His concern for the mountains was evident when his team cleaned 4000 kg of non-biodegradable waste from Everest and other camps. In his adventurous pursuits, Jamwal is not just climbing mountains; he is moving many of them too.