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Thursday, 23-May-2019


The state health mission has tied up with this Hyderabad-based private sector company

In a bid to develop the healthcare facilities in Arunachal Pradesh, the Health Mission of the state government has entered into an agreement with the Hyderabad-based Mediciti Healthcare Service Pvt Ltd. As per the agreement, the healthcare service provider will maintain the biomedical equipment at the public health institutions, including those in the PHCs. Mapping and flagging of the inventories have already begun.
Mediciti Healthcare Services will administer all maintenance activities in the public health institutions on behalf of the State government. It will also perform preventive maintenance of all medical equipments under the contract and calibration of medical equipments wherever applicable under the agreement. The initiative, health officials said, would give a boost to the State’s healthcare service delivery by making available functional biomedical equipments in all the public health facilities.
The agreement with the Hyderabad based firm, inked under the Biomedical Equipments Maintenance Programme, will come into force within six months. The agreement was signed on Monday Mission Director (NHM) PN Thungun on behalf of the state government.