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Monday, 20-May-2019


Madhya Pradesh police has launched an app and portal for women’s safety in the state

AmidST a country-wide debate over women’s safety triggered by the Bengaluru molestation incident, Madhya Pradesh police have launched ‘MP e-Cop’, a mobile app and portal to facilitate girls to get immediate back-up merely with a push of a button.
“There is SOS (an international code signal of extreme distress) facility in ‘MP e-Cop’, which would trigger the SMS to phone numbers fed in the app by the girls/women,” Director General of Police (DGP) Rishi Kumar Shukla told.
Shukla said that special action plan is being prepared to tackle crimes against women. The DGP informed that girls/women can feed up to five numbers in SOS facility available on this app. “As soon as the girl in distress would push the button, the app would send alert SMS on the five numbers fed by her in the app,” he added.
Shukla also said that the plan was being made to create awareness among public on the cyber crimes. “The action is being taken to curb objectionable messages spread through social media,” he added. Rising crimes against women has alerted the police across the country.
Another police officer informed that the citizens will also be able to report about their missing documents, mobiles or the missing persons that too from the comfort of their homes.