sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 20-June-2019


Art is never silent, and that’s the reason every statue of Gandhi diligently sculpted by artist Ram Sutar sings a different tune. Can you hear these songs of peace?


Take any kind of stone whether it is big or small or, black or brown, strong like quartz or soft like marble, just one chisel and hammer is enough to destroy its structure. The situation turns around when these hammer and chisel comes to the hand of Ram Sutar, the same structure of stone turns in to a beautiful face and music inside it oozes out. Ram Sutar is a master in understanding the music of stone and brings it in front of world. The way his hands accomplish this work is incomprehensible to others.   
Ram Sutar is neither a craftsman nor a sculptor but he is a musician. Chisel and hammer are his instruments and the piece of stones are his treasure tunes. This artisan has just one formula that is – Gandhi. Gandhian Ram Sutar creates only Gandhi in his Sculpture. Whatever statue Ram Sutar has carved, it reflects the ideology of Gandhi. Peace and goodwill could be seen in each stroke of his chisel and hammer. Till now Ram Sutar has carved more than three hundred sculptures with different expressions of Gandhi. All of them are established in three hundred different cities of the world.        
 Gandhian artificer Ram Sutar had never ever dreamed that he will have to sculpt a sword with stone. But when Punjab government asked him to make a 150 feet sword for war memorial, he happily took the challenge. He found this work quite artistic and thrilling. This is going to be the longest sword made up of stone in the entire world.
Till now Ram Sutar has scripted more than thousand sculptures  and even at this age also he is working for hours. He gets his inspiration to work from Gandhi. This Marathi maanus met Mahatma Gandhi when he went Dhulegaon to meet Vinoba Bhave. Bapu asked him to remove his silk cap and he burnt it to ashes. Ram Sutar loves to narrate this incidence. After the assassination of Mahtma Gandhi,  Ram sutar made his first statue. Since then he has carved more than thousand sculptures, including many Indian stalwarts. He is also the chief artist for the statue of Sardar Patel’s which will be installed in river Narmada. He is also inspecting the project of Shivaji’s statue going to be placed in Arabian Sea. His journey to put life and thought in to  the lifeless stone continues. He wants to keep giving meaning to the lifeless stones till the end of his life. His philosophy of karmanya vadhikaraste (work is worship) is reflected in the sculpture of Lord Krishna with Arjuna.