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Thursday, 20-June-2019

Namo App – 1 on 1 with Modi

With four million downloads, the NaMo App is among the most popular in the political world. Appropriately, it was inaugurated on Sept 17, the Prime Minister’s birthday.

September 17 was Seva Divas. It was Seva Divas because that is how Narendra Modi saw fit to celebrate his birthday, as a day of national service.  It was also the first time people high and low, came forward to celebrate, not in terms of crowding outside Lok Kalyan Marg but on social media aided by the NaMo app!.

The NaMo app is not new, in fact it was launched last year but the new upgraded app is not only interactive, it offers a host of other features that seem to have become a hit with the folks on social media.  The upgraded app is courtesy Apple CEO, Tom Cook, who shared ideas with Modi on how to improve his app, during a recent visit.

 The ‘My Network’ feature of the upgraded app was launched officially on the prime minister’s birthday and had some of India’s top honchos from the corporate and tinsel world sending their messages and good wishes.

 Anil Ambani wrote: “I recall the time I first met him in the 1990s, when my father, Padma Vibhushan Dhirubhai Ambani, invited him home for dinner.  At the end of their long intense conversation, he left and Papa remarked: “Lambi race no ghodo chhe. Leader chhe - PM banse”

(He’s a thoroughbred for the long run. A true leader! He will be Prime Minister!)

As ever, Papa was simple, direct - and prophetic!”

Bollywood’s numero uno star of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan too had written a poem in Hindi that included all his experiences with PM Modi, since he was the CM of Gujarat. The letter reminisced about Modi’s attention to detail, his politeness and warm hearted personality.

“I am astounded by how you manage to remember small details of past incidents, like the way you enquired about the cut I suffered on my finger during Uttarayan while flying kites,” he said that he was left surprised by Narendra Modi’s warmth after every meeting with him since 2009, and why he was not surprised when Modi became the Prime Minister. More than 50 titans from the corporate world, politicians, spiritual gurus, sportspeople and film stars wished the prime minister on his birthday.  From Madhuri Dixit to Lata Mangeshkar and Amir Khan; from Mukesh Ambani and Cyrus Mistry to Anand Mahindra, Sunil Bharti Mittal and Uday Kotak; from Sania Mirza to Sachin Tendulkar, all wished him on the day now known Sewa Diwas.

Birthday messages, each about 200-300 words long with a customized online greeting card for Modi, were posted on the app NaMo’s ‘My Network’.  One can choose Modi’s picture from an online library, key in personal wishes and even take a pledge for a social endeavour like Swachh Bharat.  My Network ensures that all who greet Modi receive a personalised ‘Thank You’ video within two hours.   The application is a one-stop destination for knowing about the prime minister’s day-to-day activities.

 The app is a private universe, enabling Modi to interact with people across the spectrum and from every walk of life.  ‘My Network’ allows different groups to be formed, to chat privately and there are no word limits as on Twitter.  There is a virtual reward scheme where people are given badges for their active participation in the app. The most active users, those with 5000 points, get the ‘Super Fan’ badge and an Orange tick. Other categories are for ‘I know it all’ badges for those getting 2000 points, and the ‘Explorer’ badge for those with 1000points.

 Incidentally, in the race for Super Fan badge cabinet minister Piyush Goel is the most active after the BJP.