sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 20-June-2019

Power-full Bihar

Electricity Power not only a luxury but it is a necessity of the people of Bihar. Recently, released data by the government of Bihar shows that production and distribution have remarkable growth in merely ten years. In addition to traditional Source of Electricity, government has initiated to open the door for Private Sectors to produce Electricity. Now, Bihar will start producing Solar Energy soon.


During the Jharkhand division state had entered in to ‘Dark- Space.’ Sarcastically, people used to say that even in 21st century Bihar leads a life of Medieval Period. In fact, this was a true fact too. What to talk about villages many towns were Power-less. Now, it started converting in to POWER-FUL. Presently, Bihar stared consuming 3,800 hundred to 4,000 MW every day. While, in 2005-06 it consumed only 700 to 800 MW per day.

“The people of state were consuming 700-800MW Electric Power nearly a decade ago which has gone up to more than 3800 to 4,000 MW.” Says Hare Ram Pandey, Director of Bihar State Electricity Project. Further, he added that many projects are about to be completed.

Moreover, Government of Bihar has successfully renovated the BARAUNI and KANTI Thermal Power with the joint collaboration of NTPC. Some infrastructures are being installed in BUXAR and Aurangabad. Now, State government has initiated to raise Electricity from Solar Energy. It has offered to Private sectors to generate Power from Solar Energy. Tata Power Delhi Distribution has already signed on MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the government to install Solar Energy in Patna.