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Tuesday, 19-March-2019

Preserving heritage

Guwahati| In a bid to spread the ideologies and contributions of Swargadeo Chaulung Siu Ka Pha, the first Ahom ruler of Assam, amongst new generation of the State, Government of Assam will spend Rs 2 crore in first phase for preservation of historic Habung in Dhemaji district

Habung manifests the rich Ahom legacy and it is said that the first Ahom ruler of Assam Chaulung Siu Ka Pha founded the Ahom kingdom’s capital here on the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra river in 1240 AD.

The earliest reference to Habung comes in the 10th century copper plate grant of Ratnapala of the Pala dynasty, when it was a principality of the Kamarupa Kingdom ruled by Brahmins.

Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal announced the funds this while taking part at the central celebration of Me-Dam-Me-Phi, observed by the Ahom community every year in memory of the departed, organized by the Cultural Affairs Department at Habung on Tuesday.

Stating that Habung is plagued with myriad problems, the Chief Minister assured that government will significantly invest in upgrading its infrastructure to develop the place as a tourist destination. He also sought people’s cooperation in transforming the face of Habung.

“The foundation of a disciplined and strong society rests on its inherent ethos, rituals and art & culture. Chaolung Siu Ka Pha set the tone for a harmonius Assam by unifying the ethos and values of different communities living during his time. He faced many challenges in his pursuit for greater Assam but adversities could never defeat him. Therefore, keeping his ideology alive will be the best tribute that we can offer to this great founder of Ahom dynasty,”  said the Chief Minister.


Sonowal also stated that five more bridges will soon be constructed over River Brahmaputra, completion of which will unleash a new era of development on the north bank.