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Tuesday, 21-May-2019


An app-based game needs players to complete tasks and earn rewards and has 37 behavioural change techniques

Researchers have developed an app-based game that can help you quit smoking. Recently invented, this is an android-based game that stimulates various behavioural changes in smokers.
The game, Cigbreak Free works like a regular smartphone game, with players having to complete tasks to progress through various levels and earn rewards. In the game, players have to swipe a certain number of cigarettes to break them within a time limit. However, it also incorporates a combination of 37 behavioural change techniques, including showing the player the health consequences of a behaviour, gaining points for grabbing healthy items, or providing virtual financial incentives, to help individuals quit smoking, the researchers said. “We’re essentially trying to ‘gamify’ health messages and behaviour change techniques as a way of embedding them in a person’s mind, in the hope that they will then be able to quit smoking,” said Robert Walton, Professor at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).
Rewards in the game are a way of giving smokers instant positive feedback.
“When you’re trying to quit smoking you don’t get much instant feedback except desire. Your health is better but somehow it doesn’t have the same effect as being told you’re winning or getting a gold star,” Caton explained, in the study published in the journal BMJ.