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Thursday, 20-June-2019

Rajghat power plant to produce energy out of waste

Delhi produces 10 thousand tonnes of waste every day

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain recently said Delhi government is planning on converting the Rajghat Power Plant into a waste-to-energy plant. A waste-to-energy plant is a waste management facility that uses waste to produce electricity. These plants burn municipal solid waste but the only recyclable and non-hazardous items are burned.

Jain said, "It is a viable option and the site is ideal as it is accessible from all three municipalities. We are thinking about starting with a capacity of 4,000 tonnes. If we do that, we would have enough capacity to at least process the new garbage that is generated every day."

He also added, “Delhi produces at least 10,000 tonnes of garbage every day while we don't have capacity to process even half of it.”

The proposal to convert Rajghat Power Plant into a waste-to-energy plant was discussed with the three municipal corporations. The committee also discussed plans to start small waste processing plants in vegetable markets, residential societies, hotels and likewise. By doing that, there will be no need to transport garbage to the landfill sites. The goal is to build a capacity to process more waste than we generate.

He said “We don't want to dump more garbage on landfill sites. The only option is to process the waste.” Jain also announced that the government will soon launch a mobile app through which people will be able to know about sanitation workers posted in their area and will also be able to complain in case of them being negligent about duty.