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Wednesday, 22-May-2019

Reliving Railways

IMAGINE you are getting late for the train, going on a family trip and you feel relaxed as you receive a message saying, train is delayed by an hour.

On your way, your wife suggests you to hire a porter as soon as you get to the station. That will help put the luggage into the train faster. So, you take out your phone and book a porter on your mobile immediately. At the station you start watching the railway news channel on the platform and your kids change the channel to watch cartoons. And finally when you board the train, there are CCTV cameras in the coaches, along with many other facilities you might need during the journey. Now, listening to all this you might figure we are talking about train systems in some foreign countries like Japan or US. But that is where you get it wrong.
Because we are not talking about any of those, instead we are talking about the Indian Railways. Huh!, you say? Well, these services are not yet available in the train coaches.
However, they are in the innovative ideas’ room and may soon find their way into reality. These are just some of those ideas that will surely amaze you. The Indian Railways, usually associated with stink, bribery, chaos and delays, have received around 1.25 lakh more such ideas which are going to change its face soon.
Moreover, this excellent idea itself is not copied from anywhere in the world. Nor did any railway specialist suggest these; rather these are the ideas that rail employees have recommended to their ministry. From the lowest level in the chain-of- command to the higher zonal managers, everyone has suggested these innovative ideas. The ideas were discussed in the ‘Rail Vikas Shivir’ with the Prime Minister on November 18 to 20. It was all under the Prime Minister’s idea itself, ‘Idea Box’.
The Prime Minister has been trying to reinvent the railways ever since he came to power. But there is a still lot to do in the sector, despite the Prime Minister and Rail Minister’s collective efforts. In the light of these events, the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu asked his employees for some innovative ideas on the PM’s initiative.
Over the past few months, the employees of Indian Railway were asked, ‘What They Would Do, If They Were To Be The Rail Minister For One Day’. Numerous employees of the Indian railway suggested around 1.25 lakh ideas for the ministry to mull over. These ideas were then shortlisted and discussed for implementation.
According to the Railway Ministry, this is the first time in history that an event is taking place at such scale involving all its employees.
The Prime Minister awarded three teams for their ideas in the ‘Rail Vikas Shivir’.All the chosen ideas were regarding the 3X expansion of railway. How the railway can be expanded 3X with a working business plan over the next five years was the issue. The three awarded teams focused on this expansion alone.
The three teams, South-Central Railway, Metro Railway Kolkata and Northeast frontier Railways were awarded by the Prime Minister for their ideas. The PM said, “With these ideas, we will take the progress of Indian Railways to greate new heights.” 
He also said that the people of the country have told them what they couldn’t have even imagined in decades. Which is why, a three month Idea Generation Camp is has been mooted and is soon likely to commence. 
But the government is not stopping there, and it now wants the common people to come out their very own innovattive ideas. Which is why it has been proposed thata n online portal be started by the Indian Railways in which the general public will be able to post their new and innovative ideas.