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Thursday, 27-June-2019


The country’s largest bank gets into healthcare funding

State Bank of India has donated Rs 22.23 lakh from its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fund to a Hyderabad organisation for a mobile clinic which will provide healthcare facilities to poor families. SBI Managing Director Rajnish Kumar handed over a cheque of Rs 22.23 lakh to Hyderabad Council of Human Welfare (HCHW) Director Mohd Rafiuddin at an event organised here.
The mobile clinic, which will be on road by third week of January, will provide free medical treatment to nearly 500 people every day in slum areas. The mobile clinic has a reception desk, doctor’s cabin, a laboratory and a pharmacy store. HCHW would engage full-time doctors and send the mobile clinic to slum areas daily, Rafiuddin said. SBI, Hyderabad Circle, donated Rs 10.50 crore under CSR contributions to various NGOs towards sanitation, health and education projects, bank officials said.