sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 19-June-2019


A major seminar on the Sociology of Sanitation was organised by Utkal University, Odisha, where Dr Bindeshwar Pathak was honoured

“Sanitation should now be included as a discipline in sociology because the core problem areas related to sanitation such as social deprivation, hygiene, ecology, water, public health, gender equality, etc., require sociological intervention, and such intervention should be grounded in spiritual and philosophical knowledge of our culture and society”, said Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak while addressing the students and teachers of the Department of Socioloigy at the Utkal University, Bhubneshwar. The Department of Sociology, Utkal University, Bhubneshwar organised one day seminar on “The Sociology of Sanitation” in the department on 11th January 2017 . The department offers Master of Arts in Sociology, Master of Philosophy in Sociology and Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology course.
“I am a sociologist by training, and in 1985, I gave a new perspective to this discipline when I proposed the concept of Action Sociology, with the idea that sociologists should not only study the structure of society, culture, religion, values, mores, social problems, etc., but they should also actively engage with finding out solutions to the burning social problems. I am of the view that scholars and students of sociology should engage with the society, work for the people and help them solve their problems, apart from studying the nature and functioning of society.” he added.
Dr. Pathak while sharing his ideas and rich experience in the field further said that “Based on this thinking I also propounded in 2013 the theory of Sociology of Sanitation, which is a scientific study to solve the problems of society in relation to sanitation, social deprivation, public health and hygiene, gender equality, empowering people for sustainable development and attainment of philosophical and spiritual knowledge to lead a happy and healthy life. This move was welcomed by hundreds of sociologists in a National Conference on Sociology of Sanitation in New Delhi in the year 2013. The idea of Sociology of Sanitation enriched and enlarged the engaged intellectual dialogue that I had started in 1985 under the broader sociological canopy of Action Sociology. Today, Sociology of Sanitation is increasingly being recognized by sociologists across India, and it is also being taught in three Departments of Sociology in India, namely Maharaja Krisnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar (Gujarat); Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga (Bihar), and Mangalore University, Mangalore (Karnataka)...”Dr. Pathak expressed his gratitude to Professor P. Das, the honourable Vice Chancellor of Utkal University, Professor Navaneeta Rath, Head of the University Department of Sociology, and other Faculty members associated with this seminar for giving him this wonderful opportunity to speak about a subject which is the focal point of his life and the Sulabh movement that he has been leading for almost half-a-century.
Dr. Pathak applauded and congratulated Professor Navaneeta Rath, a talented and committed sociologist, for her brilliant and successful initiative in envisioning and organizing the seminar and conveyed his best wishes for the success of the seminar hoping that the seminar will play a sparkling role in drawing more Indian scholars and social scientists to this
novel discipline of Sociology
of Sanitation.