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Thursday, 23-May-2019


He does not come from the Tata family but will rule tough

Given that he had been managing the biggest cash cow of the Tata Group, Tata Consultancy Services, it was perhaps expected that N Chandrashekaran would become Ratan Tata’s ‘Bofors Gun’ in his final war with Cyrus Mistry, and that is precisely what has happened.
Since Ratan would soon have to say ‘tata’ to his intermediary role of chairman, Chandrashekaran has been finally made the chairperson of Tata Sons. He had completed his Master’s degree in computer applications from Tamilnadu’s Tiruchirapalli Regional Engineering College in 1987. He had joined TCS soon after that. In 2009, and had been elevated to the position of CEO and Managing Director of TCS. At 49, he happens to be the youngest mandarin in the Tata Group. He has seen the rise of India as a superpower in the information technology world. As such, he has been himself behind that process, making TCS as the brightest company in the sector.
What is critically important and may indicate the road ahead for the Group is that he is the first ever non-shareholding chairperson of the company and has no family ties with the Tata group.
Soon after being anointed head of the Rs 6,798 lakh crore empire, Chandrasekaran said: “We are going through times of rapid changes and I am aware of the responsibilities of the position I have been offered. It will be my endeavour to help the company grow along those same principles and values that the Tata Group is known for.”
He said that he is proud of being associated with the Group for three decades and the latest position is a great achievement.