sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 23-May-2019


Tracing landmines used in wars is a massive headache for even top experts. But this 14-year-old has invented a drone especially for that purpose. For Harshvardhan Jwala of Gujarat, this is not a simple plaything. At his age he is perhaps India’s youngest crorepati, for the Gujarat government has signed an MOU with him worth Rs five crore for his consent and technological supervision of manufacturing the drone in bulk. Harshvardhan will be working closely with the state’s Ministry of Science & Technology.
Harsh’s drone will not only trace out the landmines, but even deactivate them. The lad had been showcased at the Vibrant Gujarat gala last month and has been roundly applauded.
Harsh says he got the idea of making such a drone when he was watching television news which said that many soldiers die trying to defuse landmines physically. He explains that in the drone he has fitted a 21 megapixel camera with mechanical shutter as well as infrared, RGB as well as thermal meter. The camera can take high resolution pictures.
The drone will fly over units of eight square metres at a height of two feet from the ground and the waves from it will identify the locations of landmines. These data will be relayed to the base station. The drone is capable of carrying a 50 gram bomb in it to destroy the landmine.