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Thursday, 20-June-2019


He is among this year’s Forbes Achievers 30 Under 30 and has started a unique start-up on checking out concussions

India has never been short of child prodigies. At an age when most of the youngsters are busy clicking Instagram pictures and forwarding Whatsapp messages, Rohan Suri has cemented his place in history. Suri is merely 17, but he has already founded Averia Health Solutions, a healthcare firm. He created an app, kTrace, which diagnoses the concussions based on eye-tracking science. Users have to use a special headset with a smartphone . The headset consists of mirrors and LED lights and costs $50, or roughly Rs 3,400. The app uses the smartphone’s video camera to record the patient’s eye movement in response to visual stimulii. The app monitors the recording and analyses it to provide information about the severity of an injury. It can also predict the possibility of improvement.
Suri has been featured in Forbes’ Achiever list of ‘30 under 30’. Suri says that he got the motivation to work on the app when his brother’s concussion worsened because it went undiagnosed. He could not really accept the fate of his brother.
He has used the theories of artificial intelligence, parallel computing, computer vision and multivariable calculus, subjects which he opted for during his high school. Suri is fond of working on technological innovations, particularly the technologies which cut down the cost and are scalable.