sulabh swatchh bharat

Wednesday, 19-June-2019


This old man is single handedly feeding many homeless and needy people

A man named Vasant Sharma daily travels 6 km in bicycle to collect and distribute chapattis to the homeless and the needy people. He does this on a daily basis without any fail. By the grace of God, this old man has not came across any disease.  Everyday Vasant Sharma, rides on his bicycle and knocks at 250 houses and gets either chapattis or pulses. The collection work is done till 5 o’clock. The distribution work is completed by 6 o’clock.
His works of social service started when some people came to him last year. They were in search of a person who would be able to go to the town and get help from others so that they can put their hands and help those people who were homeless and were forced to begging and those who were disabled.
Earlier, when he got this news, he refused the offer but when he realised that he’ll be providing service to the poor people and the blessings he’d be getting from them, then he decided to accept the work of social service.
After witnessing such a whole hearted devotion to his job, the people who hired him, tried to pay him for his job, but he refused. By his individual efforts an NGO named ‘Roti’ was set up which has provided free lunch boxes to 250 houses in which women fill these lunch boxes with food items. We need many more people like Vasant Sharma, who can selflessly devote themselves for the society.