sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 20-June-2019


Army stands true to its motto “Service Before Self” and has provided vital support in nation building


Duty, honour, courage, grit, integrity, unity – these aren’t mere words for them, Indian Army lives up to these values. Since independence, one institution that has remained absolutely free of communalism and divisive tendencies is the Indian Army. When caste and religious differences have beset the country’s politics and society at large, the army has stood firm against these divisive forces. It has stood the test of time and has consistently upheld and protected the nation’s constitution with unflinching loyalty, making a major contribution in nation building in the first six decades of India’s existence as an independent, sovereign nation.

Historically, it is to the credit of the Indian armed forces that they have fulfilled their assigned role as an organ of the State. They have functioned effectively in every role, with or without adequate support or favourable environment. Whether it is at the warfront or a natural calamity or a civilian unrest, Army has given its unflinching support in every demanding situation.

Military life is often considered a life of challenges and hardships. The complete training program of soldiers follows a structure, which aims to inculcate in them – discipline, devotion towards duty and determination. Army personnel have to be very accommodative and proactive as army life is fraught with unexpected circumstances. Indian military has done ample of social activities like aid to civil authorities, disaster relief during natural calamities, rescue of trapped people, including tourists in the mountains and children who had fallen into deep pits and several other such activities. Notably, under the village adoption scheme, education, medicine and health are prime areas where the military engages itself in remote locations. It won’t be an exaggeration if Indian Army is termed as the spine of the nation. They are our saviours in the time of crisis and have been providing the support structure, relentlessly.