sulabh swatchh bharat

Thursday, 20-June-2019


Jind| The school students of Haryana’s Jind district have taken upon them the responsibility to make their area open defecation free.

The school students are inspired to stop open defecation in the area. They have formulated monitoring committee that surveils the area for people defecating in open. The members of this committee are each provided with a cap and whistle for patrolling.

ADC Aamna Tasnim while addressing the students said that in order to save the village from diseases we have to stop the malpractices such as open defecation in the area. The kids can play a significant role in this work. Kids should ask the elders to not defecate in the open in order to keep the children of the village fit and healthy.

The ADC has enrolled 10 girl, 9 boys and 8 teachers in the monitoring committee. The members are divided into groups to oversee all the open defecation areas in the village.