sulabh swatchh bharat

Sunday, 26-May-2019


Sulabh family is blessed by the divine presence of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Sulabh Gram

It was a different experience for spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as he came visiting Sulabh Gram, New Delhi on February 2. He evinced great interest in Sulabh technology and inspected everything himself.
Sri Sri seemed highly impressed with facilities at Sulabh of – right from two-pit-pour-flush toilets, bio-gas plant, water ATM etc. converting human excreta into  manure and bio-gas.
The renowned spiritual guru was welcomed at the Sulabh Gram by founder of Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak and his wife Amola Pathak with garlands and shawl. This was followed by warm welcome extended by Mrs Usha Chaumar, President of Sulabh international who herself used to be a manual scavenger once. As she finished the welcome, atmosphere suddenly reverberated with mantras being recited by a group of erstwhile scavengers who have been taught Sanskrit and trained as Hindu priests.
Sri Sri also met a group of widows from Vrindavan – who are being sustained and taken care of by Sulabh International. After being welcomed by residents of Harmithla village which have been made 100 per cent defecation free, he met students of Sulabh International School. He also inspected Sulabh dispensary.
He then embarked upon a guided tour to facilities available in the Sulabh. First port of call was the effluent treatment plant – where Guruji himself smelled the effluent water to check whether it indeed was odor free. Then he visited bio-gas plant which produced cooking gas from human excreta.
The gas also fires the hearth in the kitchen. It was an interesting sight to find Sri Sri frying masala papads in bio-gas run Sulabh kitchen to check efficacy of the gas. The spiritual guru who has been improving spiritual health of millions of people worldwide, was apparently interested to see how Sulabh has been taking care of physical health of young girls by putting sanitary napkin dispensers in toilets of girls’ schools and also incinerators for used napkins.
He visited Sulabh laboratory, the epicenter of all Sulabh innovations.  Then he had a look at water ATMs which Sulabh has been installing in all such areas where potable water isn’t available easily. Sulabh provides such clean water at a rate of Rs one per litre.
This was followed by a demonstration of Sulabh’s innovation – two-pit-pour-flush toilets which don’t need more than one a half litres of water. Sri Sri himself poured water to see the effectiveness of the technology. Dr Pathak explained him the technology and how he conceived the idea. He also showed the Guru a model of toilets being built by Sulabh in villages. Sri Sri then had an extensive tour of Sulabh Toilet museum which showed the journey of toilets right from the beginning to its modern avtar. He profusely hailed Dr Pathak’s efforts to make toilets a movement.