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Thursday, 21-March-2019

The Art of Storytelling

New Delhi| Storytelling is an art; and a story can be told through different mediums, including through narration, theatre, dance, song and even paintings. And the first edition of the three-day Udaipur Tales International Storytelling Festival, which is all set to begin from February 24 at the lake city of Udaipur in Rajasthan, celebrates this art of storytelling.


"Story telling has different mediums and we though of reviving the old culture. Earlier we used to listen to stories from our parents or grandparents and this event will take the audience into the old era of listening to narrations," told Sushmita Shekhar, Director, Udaipur Tales International Storytelling Festival.

The festival will be ushered in by eminent storytellers from both India and abroad. The programme will involve a plethora of genres including humour, real-life, fantasy, sentimental and dark humour to enthral the audience.

The festival is going to witness a host of wonderful storytellers including the likes of Shantanu Guharoy, Ajay Singh, Durga Bai and Subhash Vyaam, Varun Narayan, Bindeshwar Pathak and Salil Mukhiya Koitsu.

"This idea has been floating in the mind for the past one year. We did a lot of research before setting the stage. This kind of events are popular in the US where it is not only restricted to children but to adults as well. We thought of incorporating something similar on this," Shekhar added.