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Thursday, 21-March-2019

Transforming Hospital

Thiruvananthapuram| HLL Lifecare Ltd here in Kerala has entered into an agreement with the Maharashtra government for providing quality diagnostic services in around 2,300 state-run health centres in that state.

In a press release issued at their headquarter here on Thursday, the company said that as part of the agreement, HLL, a 'mini Ratna' PSU of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, will set up the diagnostic centres in Maharashtra and they will become operational in the next 90 days.

The project will be monitored on real-time basis by IT-enabled systems which will track the details of patients' samples collected from the collection centre to the lab for testing and reporting.

The latest module of Laboratory Information System software will be used for the project to create an online dash board to view the current status of sample collection, testing and reporting from all the government hospital centres in Maharashtra.

"By implementing this project, diagnostic tests will be made available to the public in the remotest villages of Maharashtra. The state-of-the-art labs of HLL, equipped with sophisticated equipments, qualified manpower and IT-enabled support systems, will ensure the quality of laboratory investigations," said HLL Lifecare CMD R.M. Khandelwal.

HLL is also implementing similar projects in Assam, Kerala and Odisha, partnering with the National Health Mission.

Over the years, the premier condom manufacturing company in the country has branched out into various new business areas which include construction to vaccine manufacturing.

The new diagnostic centres offers more than 100 tests from the hospital centres, including the high end special molecular diagnostic tests, at rates much lower than market prices.