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Tuesday, 19-March-2019

Women Empowerment

Mothers with infants to have reserved seats in busess

Bhopal| In Madhya Pradesh one of the seats in the passenger buses will be reserved for mothers of infants.

A decision in this regard was taken by transport department. The decision, as the department says, aims at giving respect to a mother’s dignity and providing extra facility in the buses for her when she is travelling with her child.

Home minister Madhya Pradesh Bhupendra Singh said the first seat behind the driver seat would be reserved for a mother travelling with her infant child.

Besides, an arrangement of curtains from three sides will also be provided on this seat. “Terms and conditions about this arrangement will be linked in new, permanent and temporary bus permits”, said a government communiqué.

Earlier, seats were reserved in the buses for women, MPs/MLAs, freedom fighters. This is first time when a seat will be reserved for a mother with infant.

Madhya Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation has ceased to exist. Hence, the facility will be provided by private transporters in their buses.